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The heraldry, coat of arms and surnames.   

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WORLDWIDE HERALDRY. We have the coat of arms for your family name, and their history and/or origin. Family names and heraldry from all the countries. The best: A heraldic coat of arms graphic file, fast and cheap, we send you by e-mail. We offer you many ways in order to get the heraldic coat of arms for your family name. Printing in many types of paper and sizes DIN A4 and DIN A3 and look what a prices.  A Graphic File Corel Draw or Bitmap we send by e-mail.US $ 9 Bitmap file Order the one that more you like. For further assistance send us e-mail

NEW: Digital heraldry books and coats os arms in CD-ROM, such as Rietstap Armorial General (The Armorial General is the most authoritative work on the coats-of-arms in the world. The descriptions of the arms cover those of  more than 213,000 families); click here to more information: heraldry books

In this Web we give you the instructions in order to REFILL HEWLETT PACKARD CARTRIDGES INK, US $ 0.6 is the price if you follow the instructions..

If you have a shop or  access to the public, and you'd like to work with us, we'll send you the information without commitment. Please send us a e-mail to: heraldico@arrakis.es . If you have a shop and you become interested to sell our products. WE ARE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS in all the countries!! contact us, send a e-mail to heraldico@arrakis.es

Look for your family name in this enziped list:   zip.gif (287 bytes) Don't you have Winzip?, Get you it free from http://free-backup-software.net (it's freeware!)

Updated list in Octuber of 2003 for 213,000 family names.
Our databases are in constant growth process, if your family name isn't here, you'd consult us.

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Old Parchment    / DINA4 size: US $20  / DINA3 size: US $40. Burnt Parchment / DINA4 size: US $30  / DINA3 size: US $50.

Sizes: DINA4: 8.3 x 11.7 inches = 21 x 29.7 cms./ DINA3: 11.7 x 16.5 inches = 29.7 x 42 cms.                    

          FOR ONLY US $ 9 !! Graphic Bitmap File

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Artisan metope, polychromed. About 11.8 X 15.8 inches (40 X 30 cms.)

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Framed (consult the price in the order formulary).

dish.jpg (17426 bytes) Artisan's Dish of 10.63 inches (27 cms.);    embossed tin coat of arms. Gift: Full colour coat of arms on special paper with the surname history (or origin) . For only US $ 75.
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Coat of arms with description made with embossed brass or silver. Shield size: 6.3 x 8.27 inches (21 X 16 cms). Frame size: 19 x 22 inches (48 x 56 cms). Prices: Brass, US $ 260; silver: US $ 400.

Consult the whole catalog, with our incredibles prices.

Order the one that more you like.


We thank the collaborator that sent us these instructions. The Heraldic Cabinet confine to publish them, without making us responsible of their content. Ink to use, necessary materials and instructions; we calculate that almost more than US $0.6 you could have a HP cartridge (or compatible) elaborate; make sure that the cartridge finds fine.